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Are you a handy person? A Jack or Jill of all trades?! If so, Peace Church has an opportunity you might be interested in. We are looking for someone to work 30-35 hours a month to do various maintenance work around our church. This includes but isn't limited to; changing locks, light bulbs, light plumbing, fixing tables, building shelves - just to name a few things.


We are also looking for someone to do the landscaping and manage the exterior of the church grounds, including cleaning the parking lot. This job takes approximately 18-19 hours a month. Responsibilities include; trimming of shrubs, trees, vines, hedges, weeding, cleaning the church entrances every week, yearly leaf cleanup, snow removal from sidewalks, and organizing the snow clearing for the parking lot.

     If you are interested in either or both of these positions or have any questions, talk to Rich Niebuhr (call the church office for his phone number)