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The Call of Moses Exodus 3: 11-12 “Moses said, ‘WHO AM I to go to the king and lead your people out of Egypt?’ God replied, ‘I WILL BE WITH YOU.’” 

At some time in our life, we are faced with two of the most important questions for humanity: “Who is God?” and “Who am I?” Moses faced both of these questions at once. God was asking Moses to be a leader of the Israelites, who were under the oppressive rule of the harsh king. Moses was to lead the people out of Egypt, away from the cruelty of Pharaoh. According to Moses, he didn’t qualify for such a task. He had recently returned from many years in exile where he had been an ordinary shepherd; he was getting on in age; he was a foreigner. By his measurement, the scale would be tipped in Pharaoh’s favour.     

This was a great opportunity to deal with Moses’ self-esteem problem but God’s intention was to take Moses’ focus off his shortcomings and onto where it should be—God’s plan to be a saviour for His people. God’s divine presence would guide him, sustain him, and assure his success.  

We also struggle with the questions of “who we are” or “who God is” when we face suffering, pain, rejection, loss, depression, or poverty. Who is God then? Moses received an unexpected answer to this very basic question—God’s assurance: “I will be with you.” Christmas gives us another unexpected answer. God took the form of a human baby, Jesus Christ, to show us His great love, to be our Saviour and to point us to hope and light for our insecure selves.  

Can we see God as our Saviour and guide in spite of our shortcomings?


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(advent reflections have been prepared by a variety of writers from Peace Church)